Current Job


Senior Backend Engineer



  • Minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience with a web development backend framework (e.g., Django, Rails, Express). Over 7 years - an advantage.
  • Experience designing a microservice oriented server side business logic.
  • Experience designing an on prem (Containerized) server side.
  • Experience with cloud settings (e.g., using Kafka) - Big advantage.
  • Experience with reactive frameworks (e.g., Vert.x, Akka, RxPy) - Big advantage.
  • Experience in frontend development - An advantage.
  • Scala programming experience - An advantage.


  • Our server side is very challenging, requirement-wise:
    On one hand,  it needs to work properly on-prem, with little telemetry coming back to us.
    On the other hand, it should scale up to huge bandwidth and yet be compact enough to fit a single host.
  • As an early member of our R&D team, you will have the opportunity to significantly impact the company's technological direction.